Knights of Columbus
I want to comment on the quality of the invite to the Knights dinner as well as  and the professionalism of the web page in general. Your input and managing the web page as well as our communications has really helped move our council forward. The fact that you are continuing to update it and to take a proactive lead in encouraging members to send in articles and pictures has certainly gone a long way to move us closer to a Star Council. I encourage you to keep up the good work and be active on the council (as you are).

Brother Dave

Calgary Recreational and Ultralight Flying Club (CRUFC)

Thanks, Al, for all the work you’ve done on our flying club’s website. Your suggestions and enhancements have added a lot of value to the site and have helped the club attract a lot of new members. It’s also a great place for our members to share stories, videos and other information both with club members and those interested in joining. The website has simply been a terrific addition to our group. Well done!

Stu (Club Executive)